Welcome to a startup hub unlike any other. Norrsken House Barcelona is located in a 10 000 square meter beachfront building turned into a co-working space for Barcelona’s impact and tech community. It’s functional, adaptable and not least beautiful - a space you’ll want to come back to every morning.

But the physical space is just the start. As part of the global Norrsken ecosystem, Norrsken house Barcelona will bring together Europe’s most impactful startups, investors, talent and business leaders, to create a pan-European for impact entrepreneurship.

Because the world’s greatest challenges, are also the biggest opportunities.

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Hot desk

Flexible desk space in open-plan style environment.

1-6 people
From 4000 SEK monthly per person + VAT

Fixed desk

Fixed working space in open-plan style environment.

2-6 people
From 5000 SEK monthly per person + VAT

Private office

Private working space, away from the hustle and bustle.

4+ people
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work from the beach

Norrsken House Barcelona is located in a beachfront building with uninterrupted ocean views from both inside and outside the building. Start your day with a swim in the ocean, end it with a beachfront run or bike ride.


Our rooftop terrace is freely accessible to members and offers breathtaking sunrise, sunset, ocean and cityscape views. Come up for some fresh air and a change of perspective, or spend your entire working day there. Your choice.


We offer a mix of collaborative and private office space, as well as flexible areas that can be adapted to your needs. Need a big room for an all-hands meeting? Feedback and input from fellow House members? Or a quiet spot for a few hours of focus. No problem.


Our meeting rooms are made to be super flexible and are always there when you need them. With high-tech solutions and, for all you idea-sketchers and wire-framers out there, we've littered the place with whiteboards.


Every month, we host a lot of events. Norrsken House has everything you need to put on a fantastic show  - crowd seating, big screen projectors, microphones, stage lighting and really (really) good sound systems.

The extras

We sprinkle our hub with a meditation room, pet friendliness, integrated wellness facilities and a childrens' room for the next generation of impact entrepreneurs. Still have questions? Contact us.


The Norrsken ecosystem connects founders with partners, capital, talent and a global community of like-minded and extraordinary individuals.

Being part of our network means embracing the idea that new technology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand with positive global impact, and unlocking opportunities for mentorship, community and growth.

World-class workspaces

Norrsken operates the award-winning Norrsken House Stockholm, Sweden, the largest hub for tech and impact in northern Europe, and Norrsken House Kigali, Rwanda, East Africa’s largest hub for tech and startups. Norrsken House Barcelona will become the largest hub for impact and tech in Europe.

Mentorship and growth

At Norrsken, we seize every opportunity to connect experienced mentors with startups through programmes, learnings sessions and networking events, to help you elevate your business to the next level.

Since 2021, the Norrsken Impact Accelerator accepts 20 of the world’s most promising impact startups each year. The program includes mentorship from unicorn founders, introductions to our 500+ strong network of investors and an intense 8 week growth sprint at Norrsken House in Stockholm.


We’ve raised several venture capital funds including Norrsken VC, a $130 million investing in the best entrepreneurs that solve global challenges, and Norrsken22, a $200 million growth fund backing exceptional entrepreneurs building Africa’s new tech unicorns.

A global community

The Norrsken ecosystem brings together more than 1500 entrepreneurs, 500 investors and over 20 000 visitors to our Houses annually. We host more than 300 events each year, designed to connect founders with the investors, partners and talent they need to grow their businesses.


Thomas Meyer
Co-founder, Norrsken Barcelona
Marc Jordana
Co-founder & CEO, Norrsken Barcelona
Sander van Dissel
Co-founder, Norrsken Barcelona
Niklas Adalberth
Founder, Norrsken Foundation
Sara Kappelmark
Norrsken Foundation
Carl Manneh
Board of directors, Norrsken
Lexi Novitske
General partner, Norrsken22 
Agate Freimane
General partner, Norrsken VC
Che Rupari
Community manager, Norrsken House Kigali
Davis Nteziryayo
Co-founder, Pesachoice
Impact Accelerator alumni
Eliza Arnold
Co-founder, Arnie
Impact Accelerator alumni
Elsa Bernadotte 
Co-founder, Karma
Impact Accelerator mentor 
Linnea Kornehed Falck
Co-founder, Einride
Impact Accelerator mentor
Maria Rankka 
Co-founder, ABC Labs
Impact Accelerator mentor
Susanna Cambell
Northvolt, H2 Green Steel board
Impact Accelerator mentor
Berfin Mert
Co-founder, Bower
Stockholm House member
David Liu
Community manager, Norrsken House Stockholm
Funda Sezgi
Norrsken Foundation
Meybod Kia
Co -Founder & COO, MyPick Stockholm House Member
Sorosh Tavakoli
Co-founder, Stockheld Dreamery Norrsken VC portfolio
Morgane Kablan
COO & Co-founder, Asimilia
Impact Accelerator alumni
Viviane Helminen
Head of People and Culture, Norrsken Foundation
Anders Forslund
Founder & CEO, Heart Aerospace
Norrsken VC portfolio
Cynthia Wandia
Co-founder, Kwara
Impact Accelerator alumni
Erik Engellau-Nilsson
Co-founder Launcher
Norrsken Foundation

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15 Nov
26 Sep
Every Tuesday at noon we breathe together and use the power of the breath to remove stagnant energy and get into a state of flow and creativity. Prepare for a 30 min session during lunchtime that sets us up to a great and energetic day! The breathwork sessions will be led by Axel Boethius. Register for the session here:
Guided meditation
25 Sep
Start your week with less stress and more focus! Join our guided meditation sessions on Mondays at 15:00-15:15 in the meditation room. All levels are welcome - whether you are a newbie or an experienced meditator, come and find your peace with us. 🙏 The meditations will be guided by Martin Wikfalk, founder of The Mindfulness App.


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Moon is our smaller daytime event space for 80 people theatre style, or a workshop room for up to 50 people. It can also be used as an evening mingle or event space. Moon offers two 80 inch TV screens, whiteboards and flexible seating.

Town hall

Town Hall is the largest event space at Norrsken House, with capacity for up to 180 guests. With two large screens, integrated sound and lighting and flexible seating arrangements, it can be a perfect conference venue or a cosy space for a film screening with 50 people.

Townhall is rentable before 09:00 and after 17:00 on weekdays, and whole day on weekends

Book our space
Host your event at Norrsken House

Every month our houses act as venues for lots of events. Some of them we host ourselves, such as our House Session series and Mission events, while many others are hosted by members, partners and external organisations looking for a place they know will draw attention.

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