My name is Nam Vu, full stack developer at 29K. We make personal growth available for everyone, for free, as one of Norrsken’s own Initiatives.

Nam Vu,  Developer

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This is modified woodfibre from BioFiber Tech. Our patented technology makes the fibres more ”plastic like”. Our mission: to replace fossil based plastics for good.

Dr Eric Zhang, Founder

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[191231 - 16:14 - Norrsken House]

Ett tak

We are a revolutionary matching service in the time of Sweden’s national housing-crisis. We match people with mutual and safe housing-solutions.

Ann Edberg, Founder

[191231 - 16:14 - Norrsken House]

GEmme collective

These clothes are rented through Gemme Collective, a platform where fashion consumers share and rent designer pieces in order to encourage sustainable consumption.

Emelie G Maistedt, Founder

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Heart Aerospace

This is ES-19, a fully electrical nineteen-passenger airliner. I am Anders, CEO and founder, and my goal is to have ES-19 certified for commercial operation by 2025.

Anders Forslund, Founder

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I’m Karin, coordinator at Human Rights Watch. We push governments, armed groups and businesses to change, to oppose violations of basic human rights.

Karin Åström, Coordinator

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My name is Rolland and I’m a Cocoa Farmer in Bono Region, Ghana. Every day I get a text message with a detailed tropical weather report from Ignitia. This helps me to organise activities on my farm, increasing my crops.

Rolland, User of Ignitia

[191231 - 16:14 - Norrsken House]

Panta på

My name is Berfin and I am co-founder of Panta På. We reward recycling of all consumer packaging: plastic bags, milk bottles, take-away mugs – you name it!  

Berfin Mert, Founder

[191231 - 16:14 - Norrsken House]


Woshapp is an on demand environmentally friendly carwash service, that uses 99% less water and 100% sustainable products.

Mark Owuya, Co-Founder

[191231 - 16:14 - Norrsken House]


One third of all food produced is thrown away. Our idea is simple: let’s eat the problem. We connect surplus food from retailers to consumers

Elsa Bernadotte, Co-Founder


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