Nordea is a leading financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in EuropE

We are a full-service universal bank and serve our customers through presence in 20 countries, including our four Nordic home markets – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We want to make a real difference - for our customers and for the communities in which we operate - by sharing our broad expertise based on 200 years in the banking business

Nordea is a proud partner to Norrsken Foundation. For 2 centuries, Nordea has empowered entrepreneurs and leaders to grow their businesses. Today, accelerating Nordic entrepreneurship is more important than ever, since these changemakers are the ones that solves many of the challenges the world is facing today. Nordea’s specialized Startup & Growth unit supports impact entrepreneurs with expert advice, funding and exposure to our extensive investor network. We also guide impact entrepreneurs when they expand their ideas outside of the Nordics.  We are passionate about startups that align business interests with those of the planet and people  - for the greater good.

“We see a huge interest from entrepreneurs and investors to help solve global challenges. We believe that Nordea, as a large Nordic bank, is well placed to help encourage the flow of investments, ideas and people to these worthy causes. For us this is very much manifested in our partnership with Norrsken. In our meeting with clients we acknowledge that Impact entrepreneurs experience the same challenges as other entrepreneurs when it comes to funding and scaling. Many also find it hard to penetrate a market characterized by large and dominant players. At Norrsken our Start-up and Growth unit has the possibility to support, not only with our expertise and investor network but also by acting as matchmakers between the big companies and the entrepreneurs”, says Oskar Kihlmark, acting head of Start-up & Growth Sweden.

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"We want to stay close to the Norrsken community, so do not hesitate to reach out with ideas or for support from any of our experts"

“Nordea are the perfect fit for the members of Norrsken House, not only do they bring vast financial expertise and a connection to their dedicated Startup & Growth team when our teams need it most, but we have been able to see the efforts Nordea makes to be more sustainable, inclusive and diverse in our rapidly changing world.”
- Thom Feeney, Norrsken General Manager

We want to stay close to the Norrsken community and with you guys working here, so do not hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas on subjects or themes you would like us to cover or if you need individual support from any of our experts, either from our Start-up and growth team or from any of our other experts that can support through Nordeas volunteering program* (financial expertise, legal expertise etc). We contribute to financial skills and entrepreneurship in all our sustainability initiatives. Employee volunteering is an essential part of Nordeas community engagement activities. Every year, each Nordea employee have two work days to spend on volunteering to support either financial skills or entrepreneurship.

> Get support from our Start-up and Growth unit: At Norrsken you can meet our Start-up and Growth unit.

> Join our seminars and events run by various experts from different fields.

> Get connected to a relevant Nordea mentor through our volunteering program

Oskar Kihlmark
Acting Head of Start-up & Growth Sweden



Expert advice supporting start and scaleups from start to exit

> Tailored advice for specific industry and personal situation
> Mentoring to accelerate your growth and success
> Scalable and internationally visible solutions from day 1


Global network connecting start and scaleups to new opportunities

> Start-ups network and collaboration with leading growth experts and accelerators
> Custom matching to right investors for each phase
> Exclusive events and education programs


Flexible financing accelerating start and scaleups growth

> Tailored Nordea Financing products to start up and growth companies
> Venture funding with Nordea private investors
> Attractive rates and conditions due to EIF-cooperation