a Swedish cooperative grocery retailer with the vision to become “The Good Force for Food in Sweden”

The Swedish cooperative was initiated by the people in 1899, and since then we have been on the vanguard of positive change for the consumer. It is our strong belief that the evolution of the food system needs to be even more cooperative. A belief which has resulted in our initiative to embrace more open innovation with other good forces and with sustainability as a guiding star.

Norrsken Foundation’s has a great team and unique experience of supporting tech startups with a clear sustainability mission and are therefore an obvious choice for us to partner with on this journey. Together with selected impact startups we aim to prove that technology can be a driving force for a more sustainable food system. For you, for us, for everybody.

”technology IS a driving force for a more sustainable food system. For you, for us, for everybody”

Jessica Wolf
Head of Innovation

“Food is such an exciting area, where consumers can really take a stance in their daily lives by making sustainable choices. From Norrsken’s perspective, we see how the food-tech segment is just boiling with fantastic startups in everything from production via distribution to recycling. We are very proud to partner up with Coop to support such startups that will drive change in food sector.”

- Funda Sezgi, Norrsken COO 

The core of our collaboration with Karma is to share knowledge within the food industry as well as within innovation/food tech. 2017 Coop and Karma started working together to create the first zero food waste generation by eliminating food waste throughout the whole food value chain. January 2020 we signed an extensive central framework agreement to expand our collaboration making it even easier for Coop’s consumers in Sweden to buy food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Together we impact the food industry through a service which is easy to use both for our consumers and the stores. As a result, consumers eat great food while saving money, and businesses receive an additional revenue stream and reach new customers — all while saving the environment. It's a win-win-win.



Rich data

E.g, customer, sales and sustainability data


Trusted partner

We will never benefit in any unfair way from a ny start-ups ideas> Broad research, through our marketplaces (817 stores, online store and apps)


Broad reach

Through our marketplaces (817 stores, online store and apps)


Extensive knowledge

Expert mentors with deep functional and industry knowledge.


Investment capital

Which seed money from us and potential larger investments from our owners and partners


Tailored curriculum

Various content modules (mainly through Bloomer program)



To Nordic Coops and partner’s (e.g., Sweden Foodtech) network