June 4, 2021

Hey Leah! You’ve been in Rwanda for a few years, but you’re new to Norrsken. Tell us more about yourself!

I’m from the middle of the United States originally. I describe it as the place where no one ever enters (or leaves!). I have been living in Rwanda for a few years, working in the social and environmental impact space.

Okay, so you’re doing communications and design for Norrsken. So what kinds of comms things are you doing before the building opens this fall?

There’s actually A LOT to do before the building opens. I’m working on a series spotlighting creative people in Kigali, capturing construction footage, and generally keeping potential members and the public engaged. Basically, I’m playing the long game in terms of hype around Norrsken in East Africa. Once the Norrsken Kigali House is built, I will be telling the stories of entrepreneurs in the house. The core of all of our work is putting the spotlight on them — the entrepreneurs and their stories.

Where do you get inspiration?

Anywhere. Everywhere! I’m really inspired by natural elements and forms, and juxtaposing them with similar patterns and designs constructed by humans. This method also quickly taught me that nothing we as humans ever do is really that original.  

Okay, our last rapid fire question. You get to interview ANY entrepreneur, who do you choose?

Wangari Maathai is my inspiration, hands down. She created an entire environmental justice movement from scratch, completely changed people’s perception of nature, and shifted global narratives around environmentalism. She’s actually the reason I became interested in East Africa!

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