February 9, 2021

At Norrsken we love people who get good sh*t done. What’s your biggest brag?
Hahaha, well I think being able to master the art of being charming. I want to believe that I am charming (She is! /Team) and getting good sh*t done at the same time.

What have you done before?
I have a background in Electrical Engineering and started off my career in a satellite communication company in Germany, then gained experience in ICT sector regulation and policy implementation as well as managing cross functional teams to develop and implement software systems and applications for both government and private sector.

Wow, rockstar qualities. And when you are not working, what are you up to?
I volunteer in mentoring young girls and women to join STEM because we need more women representation in these fields.

Now that we have an insider, we are curious to get to know Kigali.
If you had never been, and only had 24 hours in Kigali, what would you do? What would you see? Where and what would you eat?
Visit the Genocide memorial, its a must see, then hop on a moto or taxi and go to Ubumwe Grand Hotel rooftop downtown and you will have a 360° view of beautiful Kigali and make sure to eat brochettes and your favourite cocktail or beer or tea.

Meatballs. Greta. Ikea. Nobel prize. That’s all people know about Sweden. What do people know about Rwanda?
It’s the land of a thousand hills, amazing coffee and mountain gorillas.

What makes you THE MOST excited about Norrsken House in East Africa?
Supporting entrepreneurs to create tangible impact and at the end of it all be able to produce unicorns. We need unicorns in Kigali and Africa!

Finally, a simple question: what will the world look like in 2050?
I hope we all go to Mars, but until then I think the world will be at the mercy of exponential technology if not governed with diligence. At Norrsken we are so lucky to get to support an excellent pool of entrepreneurs that will solve the challenging problems our world will face in 2050 and beyond.

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