Who are Norrsken Foundation?

We are a non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit Foundation with a strong belief in Effective Altruism. We support and invest in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, whichever we believe is most likely to have a positive impact on society. Although we are based in Stockholm, Sweden, we see ourselves as world citizens.

Who is on the Norrsken team?

Alessandra Bolla

Erik Granholm

Ebba Forsberg

Paulina Drewniak

Manuela Mejía

Sandra Ekdahl

Thomas van Putten

Kajsa Alenmyr

Sofia Lindelöw

Histeven Peruggi

Viktoria Hensler

Alex Bakir

Johan Attby

Luke Richardson

Niklas Adalberth

Helene Adalberth

Carl Manneh

Mike Kubzansky

Mark Boutros

Srishti Gupta Narasimhan

Nivesh Pather

Ofure Isenmila

Laurie Clark

Rocío Alcocer

Amanda Kai

Júlia Devin

Cornelia Bazley

Anna Söderstedt

Emma Sahlin

Marc Jordana

Sandra Katarama

Isimbi Fatina

Che Rupari

Eva Umwari

Irene Ndizeye

Arnold Kwizera

Cristian Samuelsson

Michelle Umurungi

Vera Markovic

Inez Atmer

Stine Foss

Olamide Balogun

Ngetha Waithaka

Natalie Kolbe

Lexi Novitske

Hans Otterling

Bernad Ghartey

Maina Murage

Amanda Plowes

Magali Roy Bentley

Viviane Widman

Anton Andersin

Sara Kappelmark

Daniel Goldberg

Pascal Murasira

Elie Habimana

Alexander Danielsson

Fabian Erici

Anton Svensson

Nina Wenström

Tove Rådelius

Tove Larsson

Funda Sezgi

Niklas Adalberth

David Frykman

Agate Freimane

How are you funded?

Norrsken is privately funded by its founder.

How are you organized?

Norrsken (802479-5448) is a Swedish foundation registered at Länsstyrelsen Stockholm and is fully taxable in Sweden just like any other corporation.

The daily operations are run through a regular limited corporation (Stockholmsnorrskenet AB,  559032-5741) that is fully owned by Norrsken Foundation.

How can I contribute?

We are currently not open for donations, but we are always interested in getting in contact with companies who can support us pro-bono with their expertise. Please reach out to us at info@norrskenfoundation.org

How do I apply for an investment?

We're constantly scanning the global impact tech scene for teams/companies with promising solutions to the world's most crucial social and civic issues. Please email a pitch deck to info@norrsken.vc and put yourself on our radar if you think this could be you.

How can I work with you?

Do you want to be part of our team? We are always interested in getting in touch with good people who have big ideas and even bigger hearts. Here you can find our job board.

I’ve heard you believe in diversity and transparency, how do you live by that?

We believe that a diverse team produce better results so we try to staff and pay equally. We also think transparency is good and try to lead by example. We’re not perfect and we expect this section to grow and develop.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can contact us here.

Special thanks

Ok, that's not really a question. But we really would like to give our thanks to Projektbyrån, Nymans Elektriska, Gärahovs Bygg, Lintex, SA möbler, Meetech, A/O Interior Design, Evert Lindelöf Inredningsservice, Zound Industries, Reforma, Gunnebo, Lumen Arkitekter, Spektra Neon, NAI Swefa, Stureplansgruppen, Hässelby Blommor and Designers Guild for all sponsoring us with their invaluable knowledge, and for supporting us in building one of the important pillars that defines what Norrsken Foundation is all about.